Eric Smith

YA contemporary

On Submission

Kati is a recovering actor and writer (when not dealing with imposter syndrome). She writes contemporary Young Adult fiction that’s mostly a way for her to write about teens with disabilities getting the boy (or girl). She has two small girls who keep her incredibly busy being a chauffeur and cheerleader. She rocks the one-legged look and likes to match her crutches to her outfits.

I do sensitivity reading to help ground characters with limb deficiencies and cancer. I have a minor in Creative Writing and worked at the writing lab while in undergrad. I was a middle school theater arts and English/Language Arts teacher. I have helped several friends with their queries and many of them are currently getting partial and full requests.

I would love an Own Voices book or a book that deals with disability/chronic illness. But, it doesn’t have to be that. I’d love to help shape a manuscript that has family drama or a best friend break up. I love books that rip me open and leave me bleeding. I would love a soul crushing book that also leaves me feeling fulfilled at the end.

My ideal mentee would be someone that’s open to really digging down and getting to the grit in their manuscript. I love to talk about books and stories and explore the way the world works. Someone that’s open to me busting into their DM’s screaming about something I love.

I’m really great at helping writers find the highest stakes for their characters. I come from an acting background and actors are always searching for what is at stake for their characters. I am really attuned to finding the beats within a story and how we can make them sing.

I love romances and strong romantic elements. I will read a romance in any genre. Recent reads include Nora Roberts, Melissa Meyer, and Sabaa Tahir. I also love strong contemporary writing, think Becky Albertalli, Sarah Dessen, Huntley Fitzpatrick, Emery Lord, and Melissa Walker. I’m not afraid of deep subjects and frequently write that myself. I’m not gonna be great for a hard sci-fi or fantasy. Also, no horror. I can’t even watch Stranger Things.

I typically leave notes in the MS itself. And I tend to send DM’s or Texts letting you know if I really love something immediately. I get really passionate and into the books that I read. I typically respond to Emails within 24 hours if I need to think about it. I’m great by DM or text. I am open to doing either a skype or phone call if that’s something my mentee might need.


Someone with a fairly polished MS that’s looking for help getting it to a great place. Someone that is passionate about books, reading, and teenagers.

I love musical theater, Sara Barielles, and faithfully watched every episode of ER.