Suzie Townsend

YA contemporary/thriller

Sourcebooks Fire
January 3, 2017

Chelsea Sedoti fell in love with writing at a young age after discovering that making up stories was more fun than doing her school work (her teachers didn’t always appreciate this.) In an effort to avoid getting a “real” job, Chelsea explored careers as a balloon twister, filmmaker, and paranormal investigator. Eventually she realized that her true passion is writing about flawed teenagers who are also afraid of growing up. When she’s not at the computer, Chelsea spends her time exploring abandoned buildings, eating junk food at roadside diners, and trying to befriend every animal in the world. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she avoids casinos, but loves roaming the Mojave Desert.

I’ve read and critiqued A LOT of books. Sometimes those books have gotten people agents or publishing deals (yay!).

And, you know, I’ve spent roughly one million hours editing my own books, which maybe counts for something.

There are two things I’m hoping to get from this experience.

1: I want to help someone make their manuscript even more awesome than it already is. I have a mile-long list of people who’ve improved my own writing, and I always jump at the chance to turn the tables and help someone else. We’re all part of the same community, after all, and that means pitching in and building each other up whenever we can.

2: This one is purely selfish, but I’m really excited about the prospect of falling in love with a new book.

Not to mention, critiquing books is just *fun*.

Fav genres: contemporary, mystery, magical realism, horror, thriller.

I love anything weird. The weirder the better. Characters always come first for me (I especially enjoy flawed or morally ambiguous characters), and I’ll read anything that has a unique voice. I’m a big fan of sarcasm and dark humor. I love to be creeped out. I love books that surprise me.

Also, totally random, but I’m slightly obsessed with the 1960s and will read ANYTHING that takes place then.

I’m probably not your best bet for sci-fi or fantasy.

Here’s how it usually goes for me:

I read a book all the way through, and make notes along the way. I’ll note any small issues (or lines I especially love) on the manuscript, which I’ll later send back to the author.

When I’m finished I write an edit letter that covers all of the big picture stuff.

And then I’m available to discuss, brainstorm, etc. I love watching books progress, so I like to stick around after critique to see what’s becoming of the project.

I think my biggest strength is with characters (voice, motivation, overall arc).

I should also probably note that I’m not a huge fan of the phone. I prefer to talk through email or Google hangouts.

Someone who’s passionate about writing/reading/characters/stories. Someone who can handle critique, but isn’t afraid to stand up for something that really matters to them. Someone who’s so freaking excited about their book, that it’s contagious.

Things I love: having adventures, bad horror movies, cupcakes, rock climbing, curling up with a book on a stormy day, pizza, unlikable characters, every movie the Coen brothers have ever made, urban exploration, Mad Men, hippies… (I kind of feel like I’m writing a dating profile, yeah?)